Sunday, January 20, 2013

HTC M7 - next HTC flagship device

Today came up with a nice photo of incoming HTC flagship model - HTC M7.


In a matter of fact, this picture shows not only new, incoming device but also the main screen from HTC Sesne 5.0 UI. Obviously not much can be concluded based only on this photo, but it seems that HTC is following the fashion of angular and edgy graphic elements. The same happened to Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Personally I'm not yet sure if I like it. Actually I find HTC Sense 4+ very good UI and I'm not really sure if this direction of squares is good one. Maybe it's just a matter of habits and in fact HTC Sense 5.0 will be an improvement over Sense 4+ when it comes to the graphic design.

This angularity concerns the overall design of the device as well. As you can see, HTC M7 is very similar to HTC Butterfly. Corners are even more tightened in HTC M7.
What else is interesting? Look at the capacitive buttons. It seems that home button and multi-tasks button are  in reversed order. Isn't it more intuitive to have home button in the middle? Also, based on this photo you can see that no % battery icon will be presented in HTC Sense 5.0. Furthermore, it seems that HTC didn't remove stock Android browser, so out of the box you'll have two browsers in the system.

My final thoughts? Well... hard to say. I'm excited as everyone when new HTC flagship device is almost to come. Without premature judgment I can only say that if the screen wouldn't be turned on showing HTC Sense 5.0 UI, I would blindly say that it's next HTC Windows Phone device.

There are some rumors that this photo might be a fake. I guess we need to wait a bit longer to know if this is a real HTC M7 or not.

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