Sense Toolbox

What is Sense Toolbox?

Sense Toolbox was created by XDA Developers user langer hans and Mikanoshi. The application consist of two parts. One is the ability to change the order of your Android Quick Settings tiles. You can also remove and add some more tiles, just how you like. You can't have less then one tile!

The other part is a Xposed module with several mods. For more info about Xposed refer to the original thread on You have to have Xposed installed to use these mods.

A note about compatibility

Sense 5 Toolbox was initially developed for Android Revolution HD. That ensures that every mod is compatible with Android Revolution HD custom ROM. As long as the other ROM is near stock without deep changes, it should work there too. For the best and most complete experience we recommend using Android Revolution HD.

Which mods are included?
  • Use the volume buttons as shutter, focus or video record trigger in the camera
  • Choose your battery icon style from stock, stock with percentage or no icon
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Transparency settings for: Status bar, Sense launcher dock, notification panel and stock weather + clock widget
  • Horizontal EQS
  • Bring back "Keep screen on" option
  • Wake on SMS
  • Put 9999 apps in one folder
  • Disable the volume adjust beep sound
  • Disable SMS -> MMS conversion
  • AOSP style recent apps
  • Many more. Check the app out!
How to use the Toolbox?

To reorder your EQS tiles use drag'n'drop. To remove a tile just tap on it, to add one use the '+' icon at the top. When you're done tap the save icon.

To use the mods, you first need to have Xposed installed. After that enable the One Toolbox module in the Xposed Installer settings. Then set up the mods you like and tap 'Soft Reboot' to apply them.

EQS Backup function

Due to the nature of ROM flashes you will loose your custom order on every flash. To overcome that a backup will be made at every save of the order. To restore your order after a ROM flash, start the app, tap the clock icon at the top, then save and soft reboot. The backup is saved on your internal storage. Note that it will be removed if you uninstall the Toolbox, or do a factory reset. You can probably save it with the usual backup tools, r save the folder Android/data/ on your SD-card.


Sense Toolbox can be downloaded from Android Revolution HD for HTC One M8 thread.