Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sense 6 Toolbox for HTC One & HTC One M8

Happy day for all users who love to customize their HTC Sense UI! Sense 6 Toolbox (previously Sense 5 Toolbox) is known to be the best and the most advanced tool to customize your Sense 5/6 based device. It’s based on Xposed eco-system and it allows you to change a lot of settings of the user interface, including colour schemes and different layout styles.

More details can be found here ---> Sense 6 Toolbox with Android Revolution HD

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HTC Sense 6.0 Bluetooth security "issue" explained

Bluetooth is not a new technology and has long been associated with hands free headsets but with newer devices over the last few years it has obviously evolved into a technology that connects to printers, headphones, speakers, cars and of course other phones.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Week with the HTC One (M8) by Kevin

After attending the London Launch on 25th March I switched from my 2013 HTC One M7 to a new, 2014 HTC One M8. I've been using it as a regular phone now for a week, and although I am not a technical reviewer, I wanted to share my first impressions.

From all the leaks and gossip circulating before the launch I was expecting a natural progression from the One to the new One, and in many ways that is what I now have in my hand. The HTC One M8 is not a complete reinvention in the way that its predecessor was. It is a carefully planned evolution of the already iconic M7, and the beginning of a progression which I hope will continue for some time.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

HTC diary - London Launch Event 2014 by Tom

25.03.2014 - The All New HTC One

It was damp and cold when I got to the station; a 20 minute walk in the drizzle. I didn't care - the excitement I was feeling was a bit silly really - I felt a bit like a Belieber going to their first concert. Where I was actually going was to The Olympia conference centre in Kensington to see the HTC One M8 unveiled. I was one of only 20 HTC Elevate Members chosen to attend this event, so I was feeling privileged, excited, apprehensive about meeting new people, and also not looking forward to the length of the day. The train arrived on time, and I headed to the Parcel Yard pub at Kings Cross - where I met up with most of the other Elevators who were going to the Event. We then got on the Underground and went to the venue; where we were pretty much fast-tracked through a registration process and led to seats at the front of the auditorium.