Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sense 6 Toolbox for HTC One & HTC One M8

Happy day for all users who love to customize their HTC Sense UI! Sense 6 Toolbox (previously Sense 5 Toolbox) is known to be the best and the most advanced tool to customize your Sense 5/6 based device. It’s based on Xposed eco-system and it allows you to change a lot of settings of the user interface, including colour schemes and different layout styles.

More details can be found here ---> Sense 6 Toolbox with Android Revolution HD

Want to see some goodies it offers? Just take a look!

Some of the features you can find in Sense 6 Toolbox:

Interface mods
·         Transparent statusbar and notification drawer
·         Center clock, AM/PM removal, traffic meter, horizontal EQS
·         Gestures to manipulate recent apps and additional information about each app, AOSP styled recents
·         [Sense 6] Custom color themes for every app

Statusbar mods
·         Icons by vomer (CleanBeam)
·         Customizable color themes for all new statusbar icons
·         Ability to hide icons

Sense mods
·         Transparency for many UI elements (dock, clock widget, app drawer, folders, etc)
·         Infinite apps in folders, 7 home screens, home popup menu, more grid options for homescreens and app drawer
·         Actions for vertical swipes and shaking on homescreens, horizontal swipes on dock

Messaging mods
·         Wake on SMS, increase MMS size
·         Replace delivery notifications with toasts
·         Increase MMS size

Controls mods
·         Volume2wake
·         Activate flashlight on power long press
·         Bind actions to hardware buttons (Back long press and swipe up from Home)
·         Bind actions to volume keys for camera and music playback controls
·         [M8] Smaller softkey bar

Various mods
·         Advanced Power Menu
·         Show more information about installed apps and apps that are being installed
·         Improved screen locking and unlocking
·         Hardware buttons backlight control
·         Large caller photo in dialer and on lockscreen during calls
·         Disable unwanted notifications and confirmation dialogs
·         On/off screen animations (Fade, CRT)

Full list of the features can be found here - complete mods list.

Sense 6 Toolbox is tested and fully compatible with Android Revolution HD 5.0 for the HTC One M8 you can download from this xda-developers thread.

Official Sense Toolbox homepage

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