Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Give Away] HTC One X+

Here is something awesome for Android Revolution HD users. I will give away one, brand new HTC One X+ (GSM only) in color of your choice - black or white, to one winner of this little competition. There is no country limit - it's a worldwide party!

The competition starts at 12:00 PM (GMT + 1) on Monday 4th, March 2013 and will continue until 12:00 PM (GMT + 1) on Sunday 10th, March 2013. Winner will be announced on Monday 11th, March 2013.

What you need to do:

1) "Like" HTC ( and Android Revolution HD ( on Facebook

2) "Follow" HTC (@HTC) and Android Revolution HD (@mike1986_) on Twitter

3) Tweet about this contest with link to this page using hash-tag "androidrevolutionhd" (#androidrevolutionhd)
Example tweet: Win HTC One X+ at #androidrevolutionhd

Note: If you already meet the requirements from points 1 and 2, now all you need to do is tweet! No need to re-follow or re-like accounts mentioned above. Re-tweets doesn't count. This must be your own tweet. Remember to include link to this contest and hash-tag #androidrevolutionhd.

How will I select the winner? I will randomly choose one person from the list of my Twitter followers who tweeted about this give away using #androidrevolutionhd hash-tag. Is that all? Yes! Easy as that! Just 2 clicks and 1 tweet to win amazing, high-end HTC One X+ - Engadget's Smartphone of the Year! 

Good luck!

Want to learn more about HTC One X+?
Visit this site - HTC One X+ overview

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The only One

Some high quality pictures of new HTC flagship device - the One.

Many people already asked me about the colors of HTC One and which one is better. I was holding both versions side to side and in reality silver one looks better in my opinion. On the pictures, the black one looks very good too, but when holding a silver HTC One you can see how the aluminium zero-gaps body is shining and it looks really gorgeous. Black version doesn't reflect light that much but some potential scratches might be less visible there, which is an advantage. So, which color will you pick? :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Android Revolution HD on HTC London Event

On Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 in London there is something big going to happen. We've all heard some rumors and seen leaked pictures, but there is nothing officially confirmed just yet. Our biggest expectation is to see new high-end HTC device called HTC One (HTC M7) running new user interface - HTC Sense 5.0. Maybe there is something more...

Why am I writing all this? Because I will be there, relating on live this great event. From Feb. 18th I'll be in London with HTC, counting down the last minutes to the show beginning. Follow me on Twitter (@mike1986_), watch my Facebook site ( and check out this blog regularly for hot & fresh news, photos and details about upcoming HTC top products!

You can see my photos from that great journey here -