HTC Sense 7.0 - can we expect any of these?

With HTC Sense 7.0 right around the corner I thought of making some little "wish-list" of a features I would love to see in the refreshed HTC UI. If you don't know yet - HTC Sense is so far the most advanced and by many known as the best custom Android User Interface. Apple has its iOS, Samsung has its plastic and HTC has its Sense UI.

None of the features are revolutionary, some of them are actually quite common or already available via 3rd party mods (like Sense Toolbox). The thing is, it would be great to have them (at least few of them) available out of the box. Lets go through the list!


Xposed for Android Lollipop is out!

The day we've been all waiting for since Android Lollipop landed on the HTC flag-ship devices! Xposed (so far Alpha version) for Android 5.0 is finally here!

Installation procedure is a bit more complicated than it used to be with pre-Lollipop Xposed installer. This time you need to install regular .apk file to manage installed modules and also flash a .zip package with a framework inside custom recovery.

Ok, so wait no more! Go to the original thread - [OFFICIAL] Xposed for Lollipop and download proper installation files. Keep in mind it's still in Alpha stage, so rovo89 warned that there is a risk of boot loop, because Xposed hasn't been yet tested on many devices.

Let us know how it works for you!

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HTC One M9 - What do we know so far?

The HTC One M9 launch day is just around the corner. We've heard a lot of rumours already and saw a different renders presenting the concepts of the incoming HTC flag-ship device. The question is - what do we really know so far?


HTC One M9 "Hima" design concept

Just few minutes ago Phone Designer posted on their Facebook page a new concepts of the incoming HTC high-end device - HTC One M9 "Hima". The authors warned that the concept is based on the current leaks and they can't promise the final product will look exactly the same.

My thoughts? Actually I really hope it will look exactly the same! Pictures are just stunning!


The clock is ticking... [HTC at MWC 2015]

Since few years every March means a lot of fascination and excitement in the Android world. March is a special month for thousands of Android users, especially those using devices from the ambitious and inventive Taiwan manufacturer - HTC.