Thursday, August 15, 2013

Do you want to write on Android Revolution HD blog?

It's time to expand. This place has a potential and I want it to become even more popular. If you are interested in making this place even better and more crowded, please keep reading!

So, what I am looking for?

Strong written English
This is essential. It's fine if English isn't your first language, it's not if I have to rewrite all your posts. Your grammar and variety of vocabulary must be at an advanced level.

Good understanding of mobile tech and an attention to detail
Know the areas you want to write about, know the sources and strive for accuracy. Your articles must have some particular level of quality, otherwise it can't be published.

Have an opinion
Re-posting news from other tech-sites is not welcomed. You need to be able to understand what things mean, put it in context and share your thoughts with our readers. I'm more interested in creating the opinion rather then passing some news along.

Regular contribution
This isn't a job offer, but this might change in the future. For now I want to create a friendly place where dedicated people can share their thoughts (and there is a lot to share nowadays). I ask that all applicants are able to post on average 1-2 times a week. News posts don't have to be thousands of words, in most cases a couple of hundred will suffice.

I'm mostly interested in Android / Windows Phone articles, however the variety of potential topics is: "Linux Kernels" | "Linux General" | "Android General" | "Android Devices" | "Windows Devices" | "Other OS Devices" | "Tablets" | "Gadgets" | "Manufacturers News" | "PC News" | "your idea".

There is no age limitation. Everyone can have hobby and be addicted to gadgets :)

How to apply
Please contact us via our Twitter profile: Twitter