Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stock system dumps for HTC One & HTC One X

Last two days were very exciting for HTC community, especially for HTC One X users (Android 4.2.2 with HTC Sense 5.0 update described here). However, there is always one problem when it comes to HTC updates - no RUUs (ROM Update Utility) officially available do download for regular users (HTC One Developer Edition and Google Edition seems to be the only exceptions). Why RUU is that important to us?

These executable (.exe) files for MS Windows are installers of complete firmware, including for example system or data partitions. Not having latest RUU means:
  1. users using custom ROMs can't download latest OTA from HTC,
  2. developers have no system dumps they can work with.
Ad. 1) If you want to download and flash latest OTA, your device must have completely stock system partition and recovery. Every OTA update is checking MD5 of each file on system partition to ensure .apk patch can be applied. If even one of 1000 files won't match, OTA update installation will fail. In this case you need to flash the latest official update you can find (even one year old) and later download official OTA updates.

Ad. 2) There are few workarounds, however none of them is as good as having a RUU:
  • adb pull /system in custom recovery mode*
  • cp /system /data/media/dump in custom recovery mode*
  • nandroid backup
  • boot partition can be taken from inside firmware.zip inside OTA .zip package or it can be dumped using dd if=</path/to/boot/partition> of=/data/media/boot.img
* adb pull, cp or dd commands must be executed from custom recovery mode, otherwise system dump will be missing few important files or these files will have 0kb size. Also, keep in mind that adb features are heavily limited on stock un-rooted device. In case of dd command, root access (su) is needed to make such operation.

That's why I created my own stock system dumps (as a custom recovery .zip packages) for both HTC One and HTC One X. I believe this can save a lot of time for many XDA users and developers.

Download links can be found on this blog, under Downloads section - Downloads

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  1. Does this also work for the older version of the HOX, or only for the latest released version?

    1. Not sure what do you mean... it's a full system dump, can be flashed on any HOX.

  2. hi mike sorry for non related question but just want to ask if you have stock system dump file for sensation z710e thanks in advance

    1. I have but not on the server. HTC Sensation dumps should be available on xda anyway.

    2. i see.thanks.hope ill find it i really need a dump file badly.really appreciate if you can give me a link.anyway thanks again

  3. I've HTC One 802t (dual sim + sd memory slot)
    I guess this dump wont work with my phone, will it??
    If not, do you have dumps for this version? or can you point me to guides to flash new updates to this phone?

    thx in advance

  4. i have downloaded the zip file for htc one x... can you please guide how do i flash it? my phone is not rooted....

  5. what we really need in official OTA update is hboot upgrade correspondingly for further hardware compatibility, please extract an hboot (1.72 for HTC One X) in zip file so that we can easily upgrade the android 4.2.2 without any difficulties. thank you

  6. There is no Developer Option in setting..!!How do i get Developer Option???

  7. I managed to get myself in a bit of a mess recently and I now have an older firmware behind an hboot 1.54. Tried to use an RUU to overwrite everythnig and get back to stock, but there doesn't seem to be a Europe_WWE (x.401.x) that's able to write to my One. I think they're all detecting a n installed version higher than the 'new' one to be loaded.

    Short answer .. I have to find either a firmware or an RUU equivalent to the 2.29.401 OTA which happened a few weeks back ... anyone have any ideas ??

    Might it work if I flashed 2.24.401.8 and hoped for the OTA's ? Interestingly, even wit 2.24.401.1 firmware and Hboot 5.24 and a custom recovery, the phone still tried to do an OTA today ..

    Very confusing !!

    1. I decided to stop fussing and just flashed Mike's latest ROM instead ... I'll be interested to see how it matches up to the stock ROM on my other HTC One ... Thanks Mike!!

  8. Mike a have one quection for my one x a like to goo back in stock rom bat have telme ples info for my one x C:\android>fastboot getvar version-main

    One X
    CH GER
    cid vodap110

    Phoen One x INFO

    Endeavoru pvt ship s-on rl
    hboot 1.36.0000
    radio 5.1204.164d.38
    emmc bootmod disable
    cpu bottmod disable
    hw secure boot enable
    modem path off

  9. Help,mike I wanna know where i can find the RUU for 3.20.401.1,the phone its block in the htc logo screen thanks.

  10. Hi, I'm trying to update my phone HTC One X from AT&T with one of your ROMs "Download stock odexed 4.18.401.2" but it give me an error when I try to flash. Can you tell me if there a specific way to do it?

  11. Hi mike, first congratulations for the wonderful roms of htc. bro i purchased a used htc one x a few days before and after i checked the software version i noticed that my android version was 4.1.1 with sense 4+ and software number Android Revolution HD 22.0 by mike1986. The phone is rooted but i didnot check whether cwm recovery installed or not. My CID is HTC_044. Version is 3.14.707.24 and radio is 5.1204.162.29. Today i check that ur new jelly bean 4.2.2 with sense 5 is available for htc one x. I downloaded both odexed and deodexed zip files and also the stock boot and recovery image from ur this website (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1546970). Now i want to know the complete procedure to flash this on my htc one x. although i am used too in flashing custom roms, recoveries, rooting etc but for Htc one x i am little bit confused because some says we have to flash the boot image first and then relock bootloader and then flash etc. i will be very grateful if u post the step by step procedure to flash the above stock rom and whether my One X is capable to flash this rom with the above mentioned CID. kindly guide me with all the steps. my bootloader is unlocked. waiting for ur reply brp. thanks. Naeem from Pakistan

  12. hi mike.

    im currently on htc one version 4.3 with sense. i am facing issues of phantom touch and screen unresponsiveness at times. restarting does not help and i often have to switch off the screen and back on again just to get function working again. the back and home buttons stop responding as well. i'm not sure if this is related to the 4.3 issues that were reported on the nexus 7. i know its a diff device but i figured maybe it was linked to the 4.3 software?

    anyhow, i was thinking of going back to stock and seeing how things go before returning the device to htc but i wasn't sure which guide to follow. i understand that im supposed to have a RUU that corresponds to my getvar version? In my case, it is 2.24.401.1.

    can anyone advice what I should do?

  13. Hi, sorry for bother,

    My HOX is with bootloader unlocked and unrooted. Today, i flash a rom from ARHD for unrooted devices. After reboot the phone got stuck at the image with htc and quitly brilliant. I tried to install a ruu but devices not comunicate with pc. Can you help me pls?

  14. Phone HTC One X does not boot, hangs nalogotipe and all, but wrote that I was done successfully, but why is he now does not boot?

  15. can we use htc one x rom in onex+

  16. Guys, please check either you are in S-ON.
    That's meant. You need to flash a boot.img after install/flashing in recovery. This is mandatory.
    Any failure your devices wont boot.

  17. i need help! my phone for some reason will not come on. is there a way to get all my files, pics, music etc off my phone with it being off?

  18. i want to go back to my stock rom ryt now am in android revolution hd 22.0 on my htc one x and my phone is unlocked s-on please provide me the procedure to do that

  19. Hey.
    My HTC One X is currently rooted (bootloader unlocked) and has CWM installed on it, as well. It is on stock ICS. I want to upgrade to the latest version of Android available (4.2.2) for my phone. Can you please explain this to me step-by-step?

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