Monday, August 5, 2013

New feature on xda-developers - "XDA: DevDB"

Recently xda-developers presented new forum feature: Development Database, or DevDB for short.

Here is a short list of what is actually does:
  • Download manager with an XDA torrent tracker
  • ROMs can have multiple "contributors" who can make changes, add files, etc.
  • Ability to tag ROMs (so they are searchable for users)
  • Screenshot management
  • Ability to reserve up to two posts in your ROM thread (below the first post)
  • ROM reviews
  • Q&A thread association
  • Bug tracker / feature requester
  • ROMs will be flashable directly from DevDB *coming soon*
  • Users can "follow" a ROM and get auto-notified of updates

Of course it's not only about ROMs. Any developer can add f.g. kernel project too.

What I find interesting so far is the possibilities to write a short reviews and follow the project. Everyone can also contribute by writing some idea for some new feature or submit a bug in a bug tracker.

If you have free 5 minutes (it's how much it takes!) please take a look at this new system and follow my HTC One "project" under this link - follow project (if you are HTC One owner) and leave your review for my HTC One ROM under this link - write a short review.

The project is currently in beta stage, and number of supported devices is limited to:

Galaxy S II, III, and 4

Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony Xperia Z
Droid DNA
Nexus 4, 10, 7
Galaxy Note II

Personally I think that DevDB is a great idea, however it surely needs some time before users and developers will get used to it.

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