Monday, January 21, 2013

More pictures of HTC M7 and HTC Sense 5.0

It seems that leaked yesterday pictures of the HTC M7 were not a fake. Today we have another portion of a promising photos, this time published by


Watermark on the screen makes those images trustworthy. It's a common watermark used by HTC in beta-software. Looking at the lock-screen I can say that HTC 5.0 is not that minor update as some have stated. I must say I'm getting more and more excited about it. And this is the back of the device:

The back of the device seems to be made from the same material as HTC One X+. Actually it looks quite the same with only flash led moved to the other side and slightly different camera body.

There are also more screenshots of HTC Sense 5.0.


The one on the left seems to be some kind of weather app connected with initial setup screen or some social center. In the center and the right you can see more details about incoming software like HTC SDK API or kernel version. The rest is protected by HTC, which is also very common in beta-software. It looks quite promising, don't you think so?

UPDATE 24.01.2013

Here are some more screenshots taken on HTC Droid DNA device by mdeejay from xda-developers:

This looks very good! Hopefully we'll see new HTC UI on HTC One X/X+ as well.

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  1. Transparent status bar! It's about time!

    1. You mean the bottom bar with 4 main shortcuts? Because the status bar is already transparent in current HTC Sense.

  2. Sounds (better: looks) very promising. I am looking forward to it and I am very sure that we have chosen the right place and contacts in order to give our HOX+ a fresh look very soon...

  3. Mike I have a ptoblem with HTC one . There have been always captured shade in. Low light pictures or videos.
    Iso 1600. Even on 200 iso light shade Caputured.

    Please confirm there is a soft or hardware fault.
    Otherwise camera is awesome. I checked other phone they were just awesome Caputured.