Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HTC One variants [update]

Image taken from smart.com.ph

In my article here I was writing about HTC One GSM/LTE (UL) and GSM (U) versions. The question if ROM based on UL firmware can be flashed on U device is still valid, but now we have some more details about these variants.
It turns out, that UL version of HTC One (having both GSM & LTE radio) will be available mostly in the Europe and North America. Model ID (MID) of this version is PN0710000.

U version (GSM radio only) is going mostly to Asian markets. Model ID (MID) of this version is PN0711000. There is also WL variant, which will be the Sprint version of HTC One. I don't know MID number of this version yet.

In the past we had similar situation with slightly different MIDs numbers of the same device. HTC Sensation had PG5813000 and Sensation XE had PG5813001. Both devices can use the same custom ROMs. HTC Desire HD has PD9810000, while Telus variant had PD9814000 and HTC Inspire 4G (U.S. version of HTC Desire HD) had PD9812000. Again, one custom ROM can be flashed on all 3 devices.
There are also some more details that leads to the conclusion, that most probably users with HTC One variant will be able to use their device with no issues after flashing custom ROM based on UL RUU. This is surely a very good news for both users and custom ROM developers. However, this will probably not enable LTE modem on U devices. So if you want to use LTE and your carrier supports this technology, make sure you will buy HTC One UL.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the great post!
    I have a doubt, if i buy an HTC ONE UL, i can use GSM, HSDPA and LTE without problems in EU and US?


  2. I don't know that yet. LTE frequencies are different in US and EU. It depends if one chip can support all available frequencies.

  3. Hi mike,

    Thanks for your great work on this firmware. I have just installed it and I was wondering do I need to adjust any settings to get a better battery life on this firmware?

  4. Hi mike can I update the args from older.version without download the whole room

  5. I have Sprint HTC One My Model # is: "HTC PN072"

    Hope this helps

  6. Trying to clarify. If one gets the HTC Dev. Ed. and flashes the ROM will it enable the 1700 band to use on T-mobile?

  7. @Si,

    From what I have read the answer is no. The jury is still out if it's hardware or software limitation. But flashing a custom Rom probably will not change the radio and it maybe that we need to wait for the one to be s-off.

  8. Has there been any word on being able to get the Dev version to open up to all the T-Mobile bands? I've been scouring the web and forums for anything, but nobody seems to have figured it out yet. I'm debating to order a second HTC One from T-Mobile to get the needed speeds until they get their LTE re-farming done in Southern California.

  9. Mike, In loaded the stock version of your firmware on a T-Mobile "unlocked" version of the HTC One. What I noticed is that the 3G and H logo fluctuate quite erratically when used on with an AT&T SIM. I don't have LTE where I am doing this testing, but I am wondering if this can be fixed in the Stock ROM you released or is this an issue with the Radio Baseband, which currently is the T-Mobile version .15.

  10. How do I find out what variant I currently own? I bought the 32gb unlocked version. No carrier or dev model...TIA!


    1. Enter fastboot mode and in command prompt type:

      fastboot getvar all

  11. I have htc one gsm + wcdma + lte ( working tab newtwork in options) europe variant cid 405

  12. I own The Nordic edition CID HTC_Y13 and i need the stock ROM??

  13. I have a weird question, I purchased an Sprint HTC one but will be using it primarily as a GSM device outside of the US, so I dont mind losing the CDMA functionality. My question is can I flash a GSM RUU unto it? And if so which would be the closest to the Sprint version.

    Currently I have the S-OFF with SuperCID, custom recovery, rooted and custom Viperboy ROM, I would prefer a 4.2.2 based ROM.


  14. I am very confused. I don't know which version I own because the model ID doesn't match any of the above. But I know that it is the asian version. The UI of my htc one is different from the usual ones. My question is, is it usual that its ui is different? And also, how do I know which version is it?

  15. I have a Verizon HTC one with s-off. Will this Rom work on it ?

  16. Hello, on the box of my HTC one it just says HTC ONE without any variant number ex 801e,s,w.. which model to I actually own?

    Thank you in advance

  17. Thank you for this article, Mike. I am confused about the naming scheme of HTC phones and the layers of development.

    Does it go like this?
    1. code name (m7) given by HTC upon concept
    2. variant code name (m7_ul). which has its own set of unique hardware?
    3. MID (PN07xxx). what does this number indicate? is it given upon deciding its software?
    4. carrier model number/name (801s), which is given after it is sold to a carrier?

    I guess my overall question is: when are the names (codename/model code/MID/ etc) decided and what information can you definitively conclude from them? Thanks for reading. I'll be hoping for a response

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