Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KitKat for HTC One Google Edition is out. Sense version coming soon!

Android "four point four" (aka KitKat) is what most HTC One users are still eagerly waiting for. The "senseless" version is already available to download via Over The Air (OTA) update on the HTC One Google Play Edition.

If you haven't received the update yet, or you don't have a Google Play Edition variant of the HTC One, you can still have a taste of the fresh Google goody. Just navigate to my HTC One Google Play Edition thread on the xda-developers forum and download Android Revolution HD based on Android 4.4 KitKat for the HTC One.

What we've already learned so far is that you'll probably need an S-OFF device in order to properly boot KitKat custom ROM. It's a weird issue we still investigate and we hope to come up with some more convenient solution soon!

Also some good news for HTC Sense fans - Android 4.4 with HTC Sense 5.5 on board will be available very soon! Don't be upset it's still Sense 5.5 instead of Sense 6.0. New update will bring a lot of bugs fixes and all the goodies Android 4.4 comes with. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oooh im curious what 'very soon' means. Cant wait!

  2. 404 on the download link from their site

  3. Will probably need an S-OFF device or you WILL need an S-OFF device..

  4. To be safe, I would say you will need an S-OFF device. Also soon, is dependent on many things however the truth of the matter is that it will be a lot quicker than the up to 90 days said to be per carrier.

  5. What about One X? Will Kit Kat be available for this device?

  6. Tried to flash this ROM - with S-ON - had loads of trouble, and after the first boot, when I select a language, it reboots and reboots.
    So, trying to get S-OFF.. but nothing I've tried so far has worked.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Any solutions? I had the same problem.

    3. Did you get it working?

    4. This worked for me:
      1) Install the latest Cyanogenmod
      2) Install/Use Rom Manager to switch from TWRP to the latest CWM
      3) Use CWM recovery to install the original Bigxie (goo.im) stock 4.3 ROM
      4) Update SU, enable debugging, disable lock screen, install ADB and fastboot, disable virus protection, ....
      5) Run rumrunner_HTC_0.5.0 against Bigxie's original ROM (this was a success)
      6) Install Bigxie's 4.4 ROM, Radio, Reset to factory defaults
      7) Say "Yes" when rebooting to fix the recovery stock flash

  7. Cant wait, keep up the good work!

  8. I'll wait patiently (s-off device) ;-(

  9. {PROBLEM}

    The ROM installed normally, however the phone is restarting all the time. The rom is the problem.

    1. I have this problem too, pls help me how to fix it ! Thank you

  10. Rom works fine as long as you have the newest firmware (3.58).

  11. i m using Android Revolution HD roms till i bought my htc one.. but i dont like caller id screen and dialer interface, i solved dialer with ExDialer but call screens d no solution can someone port android caller id to sense rom .. :)

  12. I've tried to install this ROM but my HTC One now is on boot loop and my PC does not recognize my phone. I can enter on recovery mode but I don't know what I can do now! Could someone give an idea? Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi,

    I'm not 100% sure this is the correct place to post this, so apologies if it isn't

    I have an HTC One (sense). It is htcdev unlocked, S-ON, rooted and has the latest TWRP ( installed

    modelid: PN0710000
    cidnum: HTC__001

    I tried to install the Android Revolution HD 5.1 Google Edition, and it installs fine, but then goes into a boot loop - usually at the point where the initial setup is about to ask me about wifi.

    (I did a full wipe in aroma before installing)

    I tried wiping cache/data/dalvik and that didn't help.

    I've restored to the stock sense 5.5/android 4.3 rom which has got me out of the boot loop

    I would quite like to install this rom, so I wondered if anyone could cast any light on the bootloop? I have read a post that suggests that the radio must be updated and the phone must be s-off, however the instructions seem to suggest this is optional.

    So my questions are:

    1) Do I have to install an updated radio?
    2) Is there something else I haven't tried that I should try?
    3) Do I need to go s-off or can I just flash appropriate firmware
    4) If firmware, how can I tell which of these might help: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2182823 (I can see its a 401 variant, but I'm not sure which)
    5) Would I be better to set 'SuperCid' and use a RUU instead

    Sorry, I realise thats a lot of questions, but thats partly because I'm not quite sure what is the right question!

    Thanks for any help


  14. I had the same problem... boot loop at the select language screen... Tried the 5.2 release and same problem. A solution would be great.


  15. I hadn't read the instructions properly :-( it says you need to be s-off. So I used rumrunner as per the instructions here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2365506

    I also installed the latest 4.4 firmware from the same thread

    Installation was then flawless, no bootloop, and phone running perfectly

    1. I second this. I first had bootloop-issues, solved by using the rumrunner method via a Ubuntu Desktop booting from a USB stick since I have a Macbook and it is not supported by RR (Came from a 4.3.x-ROM, H-Boot 1.54). Worked flawlessly, and afterwards I did not experience any bootloop issues with S-OFF. After that though, my root was gone. Basically I was missing the SU-binaries on my phone. I just flashed the UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.80.zip from my recovery after flashing the ROM, and since then everything has worked perfect!

  16. I tried to flash this rom, but i had 1 problem, my phone constantly restart after this. Pls help me how to fix it?

  17. My phone constantly restarts after installing this. Around the first language setup screen. There's still a problem with the ROM..

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