Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My fight with Samsung - part 1.

It is a common knowledge that the theory is one thing and the practice is sometimes completely different. Today I've felt on my own skin how Samsung is trying to fool its customers. Keep on reading and please share this on any of your social network.

Some time ago I bought a Samsung tablet – Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). Few days ago I realized that the S-Pen stylus is no longer working. The touch screen simply didn't react when I was trying to write anything on the front panel. So I took the device to the authorized Samsung service in Krakow - "W&K Wlodarski Ɓukasz". 

How much I was surprised when I received a text message after 20 minutes that my device is ready to be picked up. When I came back I was told that the warranty is voided because of "unauthorized software integration". Let's now point out some important technical details.
  1. In ODIN mode: CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official
  2. In ODIN mode: SYSTEM STATUS: Official
  3. Current OS: official P605XXUCNF2
  4. Kernel: official
  5. Recovery: official
  6. ROOTED: no!
So... what the f... hell? Where is the "unauthorized software integration"?

I asked the technician for some more details. He wasn't able to answer any of my questions. He wasn't able to show me this "software integration" and what would that be.

Let's now focus on the legal part. Warranty terms attached to my device do state about software modifications, but it's a crucial ability to read it with understanding and a proper interpretation.

What does it mean? The key word in this part is "due to". So basically, there has to be a causal link (a cause ---> effect relationship). So if the modified software caused the failure, the warranty does not cover it. But if the modified software has no relation with the failure, then YOU MUST FIX IT, DEAR SAMSUNG!

The other very important thing is the burden of proof. The burden of proof is the imperative on a party in a trial to produce the evidence that will shift the conclusion away from the default position to one's own position. In simply words that means: if you say something - prove it! It is not MY obligation to prove that I haven't modified the software. If you, dear Samsung claim that my warranty is voided because of software modification, you need to prove this software modification.

To sum up this first part:
  1. Samsung service didn't prove their statement that I made an unauthorized software integration.
  2. Samsung service didn't demonstrate a causal relationship between the unauthorized software integration (if there was one) and the device failure.
  3. Samsung service refused to fix my device and the worker said "Sir you have no chance, just give up and leave".
Few minutes ago I wrote a long e-mail to Samsung support centre, explaining the whole situation. What comes next? Let's wait for a part two...

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