Thursday, October 9, 2014

HTC One M8 3.28.401.6 new firmware details

While the new OTA update for the HTC One M8 is still hot & fresh (HTC One M8 received Android 4.4.4 update with HTC EYE camera experience!) we decided to take a quick look at the new firmware package included in the 3.28.401.6 update. There are few interesting changes in there!

1. Bootloader (hboot)

The new bootloader version is tagged as (previously and one of the most noticeable changes is the new "Software status" text at the very top of the screen in the bootloader mode. There are 2 possible variants of this text:

*** Software status: Modified ***


*** Software status: Official ***

This new text apparently replaced the existing until now "TAMPERED" text (or some may call it "flag"). When the "Official" will change to "Modified"? It seems that there are 3 commons situations: flashing custom recovery.img, boot.img (both with no HTC digital signature) or modifying anything on the system partition.
  • How often that component receives an update? Very often
2. ADSP drivers (Advanced Digital Signal Processor)

The OpenDSP version is now 46.2.2-00564-M8974_F0.0811 and it previously was tagged as 38.2.2-00542-M8974.0311. The Harman & Kardon ADSP drivers were tagged as 45.2.2-00542-M8974_HM.0422 so maybe HTC incorporated proper H&K code changes in the international HTC One M8 as well? Audio and video improvements expected!
  • How often that component receives an update? Rarely
3. Boot.img

New boot.img has a few changes in the ramdisk and a new kernel (3.4.0-g222defb) inside.
  • How often that component receives an update? With every update
4. Emmc_fw16.img and emmc_fw32.img

These are totally new. We can only guess that emmc_fw.16/32.img are suppose to update the eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Controller) storage firmware.
  • How often that component receives an update? Never before
5. Radio.img

The new radio in the 3.28.401.6 firmware is tagged as 1.21.21331147A1.19_2G and it replaced the 1.19.21331147A1.09G version.
  • How often that component receives an update? Rarely
6. Recovery.img

As always, recovery images has also been updated (f.g. with a new kernel). Not many use stock recovery anyway.
  • How often that component receives an update? With every update
7. Rpm.img

This component is responsible for a chipset firmware, voltage tables, etc.. It's one of the most crucial firmware parts.
  • How often that component receives an update? Almost never
8. Sbl1-1, sbl1-2, sbl1-3 and sbl1-4

These are probably related to the bootloader security mechanisms. Sbl1-1, sbl1-2, sbl1-3 are updated in the 3.28.401.6 OTA package and sbl1-4 is a brend new one.
  • How often that component receives an update? Almost never
9. Sensor_hub.img

The sensor_hub.img is the firmware for the sensor hub. A sensor hub is in itself a chip with its own LowPower microprocessor that can control the sensors in the device.
  • How often that component receives an update? Almost never
10. Splash1.nb0

This is a splash-screen animation that appears right before you see the regular boot-animation.
  • How often that component receives an update? Almost never
11. Tz.img

Tz.img is responsible for so called Trusted Zone: DRM keys at stuff. It's another crucial firmware part, better not to play with!
  • How often that component receives an update? Rarely
12. wcnss.img

Also known as Wireless CoNnectivity SubSystem (thanks to tonokeemon @XDA for the info!). It's responsible for a Wi-Fi module firmware. Better don't mess with it!
  • How often that component receives an update? Almost never

As you can see, the 3.28.401.6 update is not only based on Android 4.4.3 --> Android 4.4.4 change. It contains a fundamental changes in the device firmware too. Android Revolution HD 20.0 based on the latest 3.28.401.6 update is just about to be released. In a couple of hours you will be able to find the download link in my XDA thread or alternatively on the AndroidNow English board thread, where I keep all links to my custom ROMs.

You can download the new firmware from this thread: HTC One M8 firmware collection for different CID/MID.

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