Monday, October 14, 2013

More details about incoming Sense 5.5 update

The dust hasn't settled yet after the first worldwide HTC Sense 5.5 screenshots and here comes the another part of the fresh new details about newest HTC Sense UI. Have fun!

Lock-screen widgets - possibility to place one widget on the lock-screen. You need to swipe left to see the additional screen, where you can place of one these widgets: Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Google Keep (x2), Calculator, Music, Google Now and some widgets from 3rd party applications with support for lock-screen widgets, like Minimalistic Text or SoundHound

Possibility to use entire UI in landscape mode when device is inside car dock. Home screen, phone panel and basically everything else is working very well in landscape mode.

Possibility to use "Automatic brightness" and "Maximum brightness level" at the same time. This allows you to save some battery, because brightness max level can be limited. 

Possibility to edit "Phone" panel. You can rearrange them or even remove unused tabs. This is rather small, but very nice improvement. You don't need to swipe 3 or 4 times any more to access particular tab.

New BlinkFeed settings panel, where you can select the exact content you want to view on your BlinkFeed screen. It seems that HTC really focused on their BlinkFeed child. Let's hope it will still be getting better and better!

Possibility to protect SMS backup with password. I believe that every "security" or "privacy" related update is important, even if most users won't probably use it.

"Stay awake" is finally back in Developer options in Settings. Taken away few months ago and desperately desired by users and developers.

Up to 6 (previously 5) home-screen panels including BlinkFeed screen. In my personal opinion 6 is weird number because this little thin line, also known as screen indicator can never be in the centre. This can be little confusing when using the device.

"Do not disturb" mode accessible via Quick Settings panel. Really great feature if you don't want to be waken up few times during the night!

More details coming soon!

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