Monday, October 7, 2013

HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5s - comparison: part 2

The HTC One has received high praise in recent weeks, including the honors of smartphone of the year. For many, the One defines what a smartphone should be. It has a beautiful 4.7 inch 1080p display, elegant aluminum zero-gap build, loud and clear dual front facing boomsound speakers and user friendly Sense 5. The handset has dealt with stiff competition in recent months, with the iPhone 5s garnering a ton of hype.

Regardless, the One has stood on its own, as we delve into both handsets in part two of our two part comparison between the two handsets.

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  1. the camera comparison is a shame! he seems to suggest that the iPhone camera is better but doesn't even test HDR or low light or macro (I think htc is pretty decent in macro) or the fact that you don't have to switch if you want to capture video, or any other of the many great features that the htc one camera has.. I'm sorry but I think this comparison is not worthy of being here, he didn't even seem to notice he had the auto-rotate deactivated

  2. The HTC One definitely wins on hardware and materials. I think he should have explained the UltraPixel aspect of the camera as it seems, to somebody who wouldn't know better, that it isn't as great as the 5S. The HTC should have been the winner in the camera section. I'd love to get this beast of a machine myself but I'm stuck with my woeful BlackBerry (even though I'm a complete tech junkie)

  3. I have both of these phones and I can say that the HTC One definitely doesn't win on camera :S Low light performance doesn't mean great photos, the 5S is a better all rounder. Sorry.

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