Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HTC One 2014 (M8) target renders, a visual compilation of all the leaks

Ever since it was leaked that the HTC M8 and Sense 6 will carry on-screen buttons along with the appearance of M8 covers being sold on Chinese supply websites, the web has been flooding with alleged M8 Photoshopped pictures. Let's take a closer look at what we already know about the incoming high-end device from HTC.

There is no denying that many of those leaks are credible, particularly the blue unibody shell we saw first, followed by a 3D printed model, the leaked dual camera/flash and finally a full blown frontal leak. All of which are pieces to a single puzzle from which you can draw the entire picture and that's exactly what we did!

Design wise we can draw the following conclusion from the above leaks:
  • The metal unibody is now full, think Desire HD, it extends to the sides getting rid of the previous sandwiched plastic mold
  • The only plastic areas left are the injected antenna strips similar to the current HTC One, they also extend to the sides and appear on the front outer edges
  • Dual camera flash like the iPhone5s with different color tones, they share a single hole with a unique semi curved design
  • The volume rocker is on the right
  • The power button moved to the top right
  • SIM card is on the top left and SD slot on the opposite right above the volume rocker (evident in the under-screen fixture from the blue leak)
  • The  device corners are now more rounded
  • There is no added frame surrounding the screen area, instead the metal speaker covers and screen are inserted within the unibody, resulting in a true full metal phone
  • The speaker grills extended in width and the top sensors are moved next to the front camera
  • The main camera and sub camera have a machined diamond cut edges like the One Mini, the previous white ring on the current HTC One camera is gone
  • It's larger than the current HTC One, similar to the HTC Butterfly in size
Sense 6 Blinkfeed and wallpapers were leaked via @evleaks and of course the UI itself appears in many of the latest photos, which reveal a more transparent UI like stock Kitkat launcher and on-screen menu buttons, some widgets are tipped to have flipped from black to white.

Size and bezel comparison with the HTC One 2013 (M7)

More HTC M8 renders
Sense 6 leak by evleaks

Sense 6 mockups

More info along with full size images and version history of these mock-ups can be found in the original thread at XDA.

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