Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stock system dumps (Android 4.3 with official HTC Sense 5.5) for HTC One

First official update with brand new HTC Sense 5.5 for the HTC One arrived today. The new software number is 3.62.401.1 and it's based on Android 4.3. To receive the OTA update your device must be running 2.24.401.8 software and you must own the international version of HTC One (M7_UL). If there is no update for you CID yet, you can download and flash stock system dump instead.

Download links can be found on this blog, under Downloads section - Downloads

The official list of changes from the OTA update:
  • System Improvements
    - Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5 update
  • Video Highlights improvements
    - Updated interface
    - Add soundtracks to videos
  • BlinkFeed improvements
    - Access recommended news from your social network
    - Additional global news sources
    - Save articles to read later or offline
    - Create custom feeds from news media, Twitter and YouTube
  • Music improvements
    - Updated interface
    - Embedded music channel with new scenes
  • Sense TV improvements
    - Updated interface
    - Add MY Picks Page to improve program management
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  1. I have ARHD 4.3 google edition installed on my phone. If I install this odexed ROM now, will I be able to get OTA updates after that?

  2. Thank's mike I need hboot radio etc for 3.62.401.1 but link is offline?

    Best regards

  3. do you need to be rooted and unlocked to flash this RUU?

    1. Just go in recovery twrp or cwm and install the zip and make sure in the the Newest Firmware 3.62.401.1 with modified HBOOT with cid#. Just go back recovery and install the Newest Firmware 3.62.401.1 with modified HBOOT and than you are done. Here the link Newest firmware

  4. Hi,
    Can you let me know the step by step process how to flash.

  5. Do you have twrp or cwm recovery? If you do put zip file in your internal storage than goto your recovery and install it.

  6. If I flash this, will it lock my boot again, and removed "TEMPERED"-message? (..and will I receive OTA-updates?) :-)
    I really like Android Revolution HD, but great to know if its possible to revert back to stock with all benefits :)

  7. No, it wouldn't lock your bootloader or remove "TEMPERED", but make sure you do a backup first before you install the zip file. You can always revert back to stock. If you any problems here a video link that will help you understand better

  8. How can I personalize lock screen and change font, I'm on arhe 30.0, tux.

  9. Will this Rom work for the Verizon HTC one? Sorry I'm new to the whole flashing roms process.

  10. I'm already on ARHD 30, if I flash 31, do I lose my homescreen settings? Wifi PWs? etc?

  11. I bought one year ago a second hand HTC One X with the Software Android Revolutin HD 7.1.0 by mike1986. Do you know how could I to upgrade to HTC Sense 5 and Android 4.3?

  12. Can anybody tell me if I can flash the rom for the Verizon HTC one ?

  13. How exactly do I install this file? Please I need help

  14. What's the best way to get sound options on the advanced power menu i.e. the ability to have sound/mute/vibrate options when you hold down the power key. This is missing.

  15. i updated my firmversion to 3.62.401.1 and since then my batter life has reduced by half and also in the power option in settings it shows that the android system consumes around 95-99% battery.. while in the previous firmware version it was never so high. and also it doesn show the usage of other applications. can these be the possible bugs of this version? if yes then do we xpect another update on the same soon?

  16. Is anyone else having bugs with text app not working correctly? I can't creat new text mssg from the app. Or Blinkfeed not being able to select topics with the 31.0 Sense Rom?

  17. I have a little dilemma. I wiped my data, cache, etc, and flashed the ROM just like the instructions told me to. I rebooted and then rebooted back into recovery, after setting up Sense, to flash some mods. Every time I tried to flash a mod, my phone rebooted in the middle of installation. What do I do???

  18. Can I install this rom on note 2 ?

  19. Hi, Mike

    I've read your threads [SYSTEM DUMP][24.10.2013] HTC One *STOCK* ROM | 3.62.401.1 | Jelly Bean | HTC Sense 5.5 (, [GUIDE] Complete Flashing Guide | Rooting | Going Back To Stock | 05.05.2013 ( and, please, I need your help!

    I've unlocked the bootloader, flashed a custom recovery (TWRP) and rooted my HTC One.

    The problem is: after all this process, I’ve downloaded and installed OTA 3.62.401.1 (Android 4.3) and, for my surprise, HTC Sense 5.5 is very unstable. I don’t know if it’s due to rooted phone and/or custom recovery process. I've tried a factory reset, but everytime opens the TWRP recovery.

    So, my question is: How do I revert to stock recovery, unroot my device and relock the bootloader (step-by-step) as long as I can receive OTA updates, do a factory reset and, who knows, solve the instability of Sense 5.5? Must I be S-OFF to flash a RUU? (My device is S-ON). Can I flash the odexed version of HTC update build 3.62.401.1 to my phone that has this build yet? Is it possible to brick my phone?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi, again

    I'm trying to flash the OTA 3.62.401.1 through TWRP to my HTC One, but it is failing due to this error:
    "Warning: No file-contexts
    assert failed: check_cid(getprop("ro.cid"), "00000000", "11111111" , "22222222", "33333333", "44444444" ,
    "55555555", "66666666" , "77777777", "88888888" , "99999999" , "HTC__001", "HTC__E11" , "HTC__102" , "HTC__203" ,
    "HTC__405" , "HTC__Y13" , "HTC__304" , "HTC__032" , "HTC__A07" , "HTC__016" , "HTC__J15" ,
    E:Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard...
    Error flashing zip '/sdcard/Download/OTA_M7_UL_...
    Updating partition details...

    My CID is HTC__001. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Download ruu from Mike's 2 nd method
      Write in cmd fastboot getvar version-main
      Download the same version ruu and follow Mike's 2 guide

  21. Hello Guys I have used Mike's 1st method for back to stock
    Am I at 100% stock or I should do any more flashing .and will I receive ota ?

  22. Because crushalot say without s off u are not 100% stock

  23. Cześć Michał,
    kiedy można liczyć na KitKat Google Edition dla HTC ONE ? :)

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